Many photographers wonder what’s next after mastering digital photography. The latest trend on Instagram indicates that it may be creating animated images. Animation in photos can be rendered using the latest software to achieve the impression of movement and a third dimension evolution. But it’s when two talented artists start working together that the results are truly magical.

In this video you will feel very much a part of the beautiful and whimsical story of children traveling to the “land of dreams”. The story takes the viewer on an adventure; experiencing the magic of children playing at home, through a journey on a train, and finally arriving to a magical land somewhere, far in the northern reaches of the world. The collaboration between the imagery and the music will make the viewer feel as if they are even more part of the experience, wanting for more.

I,Iwona Podlasińska am the creator of the images in this video. I come from Poland and specialize in the creation of magical children’s photography. The images have been taken spontaneously over a period of time and the children in the photos are mostly my two sons but also children I have had the privilege of capturing during my adventures with photography. For this videos I selected some of my favorite winter photos.

Zaman, from Greece, is an artist specializing in visual arts. He creates 3d Vfx videos, animating images with software like Blender, Cinema 4d, After Effects and Photoshop. He animates images for different clients all over the world.

Zaman and I met on Instagram when he sent me a sample video of his work using my photos. The movement, effects, and enchanting music were incredible and I fell in love. Although I had already created similar videos leveraging 3d effects with the help of my husband, I couldn’t believe how much more magical the photos were when utilizing Zaman’s animation.

Come join the experience. Grab a cup of coffee, turn the sound on for your device, and hit play on the video to feel the enchanting winter magic.

Iwona Podlasińska:


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