I think we can all agree that Twitter isn’t always the most fun environment, especially in this day and age of messy algorithms, wars between and within fandoms, and a president that is somehow allowed to say whatever he wants… But there are still many good things happening on Twitter. Here is one of them!

Twitter user @JesseCale started a hashtag some time ago called #4FT, which is short for 4 for today. In 4 simple points, he lists inspiration, motivation and reasons to feel happy every day. Other Twitter users have joined in and have started tweeting out their own lists. It’s become a true source of positivity!

Jesse Cale is a musician, writer and all around creative soul

He recently moved from Columbus, Ohio to LA to pursue his dreams

He has been working hard on his music and poetry recently and will be releasing that soon!

With his positivity, his extreme passion for his art, his enthusiasm and his loving spirit, Jesse has been able to start a true movement on Twitter

People from all over the world have started tweeting their ‘4 for today’, spreading a truly wonderful message

The world is a lot better when we’re kind to each other and to ourselves

Let this be a lesson (1) to enjoy life, (2) to not always take things too seriously, (3) to spread joy, (4) to make others laugh