Dan Gamache, who goes by “Mache”, is a fine artist who has been customizing sought-after sneakers for over a decade. His incredibly realistic designs and uncanny mash-ups have earned him over half a million loyal Instagram followers.

He’s known for his trademark style — an innovative mix of dreamy airbrush techniques and detailed paintbrush work. He also often shows off his skills on hard-to-cop kicks which means he can’t afford to make mistakes. It’s the ultimate mix of art, style and commerce.

Here are some samples of his latest work, for all the other sneakerheads out there.

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Starbucks-Inspired Cleats

These were customized for Minnesota Viking’s wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Check out those order check boxes on the toes!

Image credits: www..com

Ikea-Inspired Yeezys 🛒

The color tones are on point 🔥

‘Merica! 🇺🇸

Toy Story / Mr. Potato Head Inspired 11’s 👀

Behind the Scenes: Airbrush x Paintbrush Technique