All coffee addicts know the importance of drinking at least one cup a day. There is nothing worse than not drinking this wonderful drink, and getting sleepy during class or work. Thinking about it, a project on Kickstarter aims to not leave you without more coffee. And for that, they created a smartphone hood called Mokase, she makes an expresso using her device.

How MOKASE works

The external accessory uses full coffee capsules and stores 25ml of water. It uses its lithium-ion battery to heat the water from 15 degrees to approximately 60 degrees in just eight seconds. Simply insert the espresso capsule, start the process in the complementary application of the device and place a cup for the coffee.

The company says that resistors concentrate the heat so that it does not affect the battery of the smartphone. The pipe for espresso itself also uses a special aluminum-silicone blend to withstand high temperatures without ruining your smartphone.

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