A new project launched this week is making a “Notre Dame Fundraiser” for every cause out there that keeps being neglected. The goal is to see if other global issues can also raise the billions they deserve.

In the website you can donate to different organizations and also suggest other causes that should be added to the project. If you happen to know a millionaire, please send him that.

More info: anothernotredamefundraiser.com

The Project is called: Another Notre Dame Fundraiser

And this is how the website looks like.

Where did all those millionaires go?

They created a bunch of “Notre Dama Fundraisers” for different causes.

The website also invites people to create their own “Notre Dame” fundraisers.

And it has a list of organizations and issues that need urgent attention:

Each one linked to a real Facebook Fundraiser

Here are all the Fundraisers they have launched so far. Don’t they all deserve their billions?

Or should we call it, removing the 8 million metric tons of plastics we throw in the oceans every year? (Around 150 million metric tons currently)

Unicef keeps struggling to raise $122 million to help the victims (YES, PEOPLE) of the cyclone that hit Zimbabue and Mozambique. Not a billion and not in 24 hours…

1 billion could definitely make us a lot smarter.

And save the species that our grandkids won’t ever meet. (I’m not crying, you are)

Aren’t those real monuments, after all?

Imagine having to walk an actual marathon to get water daily. I think that’s more I had walked my entire life.

Or guess what, we’ll be one of those.

What’s a bigger fire than that?

All over the world there are uncountable cases of injustice. But we don’t take selfies at those places…

Global warming? Let me tell you a secret: IT’S REAL.

Families are separated internationally due to wars, disasters, migration or other humanitarian emergencies. If that doesn’t move you, nothing will…

Sometimes people’s lives also need to be rebuilt. Imagine if we united for that?

How many families a $1bi could help? (we need someone good at math for this one)