I am a photographer and owner of photo brand in Paris.

I am always looking for funny and romantic date ideas so I dug in my childish soul to find one.

I took my girlfriend on a date she has never thought of: an emoji walk in our city, Paris. I chose the theme to look like us: cool, teasing and loving! If you are looking for a fun and quirky date ideas that will mark you forever, I hope this post will inspire you.

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Would you “Emoji” me?

My girlfriend was soooo exited to be the teasing emoji

Dance like no body’s watching

Booo… I am scared (well not that much)

Let’s climb higher (Near Eiffel Tower, Paris)

Cuddle time. I love your hair baby!

Don’t worry I will protect you from these weird people… with weird heads and weird noses

Riding bike like no body’s watching

Wanna try ?

Hello Paris.. Hello Sun… Hello US

Let’s go hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

Let’s cross the bridge of Love (Pont Alexander III, Paris). Ouups wrong side

Let’s taste some human snacks

I love you more than “Chocolate Crepes”, that was the most sincere love affirmation I got that day

Snack time… Yummmiiie

Coffee time!

Let’s take a quick identity photo for my passport

Waiting for metro in Paris… (Im)patiently

This is the subway we took for work everyday… never been so fun!

Oh… You have some cake on your cheek… Let me help you with this

I will lend you my shoulder whenever you need it