More than 120 hours I pinned a thin needle in sheep’s wool (and sometimes in my fingers) to create it. The creation of this felt sculpture inspired me to Eastern screech owl (Rufous morph). I really love this job and I’m proud of it.

Now this work is participating in the competition and I really need support to win it. The prize is sheep’s wool for my new works. If you think my owl worthy of winning, vote for it here.

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And this is me – Hanna Tsukanova

First I create a base of unpainted sheep’s wool. I give the necessary form to the body and head

I create a tail for a bird using a wire frame

The feet of the owl are also made of sheep wool on a wire frame. To make them look realistic, I learned a lot of literary literature about birds

The most difficult and lengthy stage is the creation of wings. Almost every pen I created separately, and then fastened on the wing of a bird

I also created eyes for this owl. I drew them with acrylic paints, and then glued glass cabochons on top

A fragment of the acacia branch, on which the owl sits, helped me to cut and process my father