Hello there!

Our names are Steven and Elya, and we decided shortly after our wedding that we wanted to quit our jobs, put all of our belongings into storage, and volunteer around the world for a whole year! Just what every newlywed couple does right? We even had our wedding programs folded into airplanes that people threw at us after the ceremony! We knew that we had a big adventure coming up!

We will be working on various volunteer projects from animal rehabilitation in Ecuador, and construction building in Costa Rica, to teaching English in Nepal, and penguin conservation in South Africa! We will also be doing volunteer work in Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka! We will also be visiting a few other places along the way!

We have now moved all our our things into a storage locker, packed up our bags, and chopped off all our hair! I cut off 16 inches of my long hair, and got a pixie cut! I figured less hair means less shampoo and less work! I also donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so that it can be made into a wig for cancer patients.

We will be blogging, vlogging, and instagraming our way around the world!

More info: stevenandelya.wordpress.com | Instagram | youtube.com

Attack of the Airplanes!

Posing in the Field

Elya Before Hair Cut

Cutting off All My Hair! 16 Inches! Pixie Cut!

Elya After Hair Cut, Steve Before!

Steve and Elya Post Hair Cut! Where Did it Go??

Moving Day!

Everything Packed into Storage!

Getting Things Ready to Pack!

Looking Forward to the Adventures Ahead!

Steve and Elya Travel the World Intro