Nearly half US voters are still considering electing a candidate who clearly fits more comfortably with the US biggest enemies than with the leaders of the free world. “Trust me, folks” aims to open voters eyes and rethink their choices.

The project started as a mash up of Mr. Trump with Mr. Hitler’s face as a joke but it revealed to contain a deeper truth. It was an eerily good fit. So the artist Kryzto explored further. The project expanded to include 8 images mashing up the candidate’s face with the most cruel dictators in history. The project can be seen online at:

Additionally, dozens of large posters being be put up in cities in the run-up to the election. They are also available in high resolution for free download on the project’s tumblr for anyone who wants to help to disseminate the idea. The artist is currently preparing a specially printed series (48in H x 36in W) which will come out for sale as a signed limited edition of 10 for sale.

Even though this comparison has been brought up before by the media we have never been able to visualize how deep the similarities run. Unlike the written word, “Trust me, folks” is a quick-get, hard-to-ignore way to compel Trump supporters to be honest with themselves. What side of history will they be on? And who is the person they’ll trust to give the most powerful job on Earth.



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