If you are one of those people who spend the whole morning looking for your car or house keys before you go to work, be happy! Your problems are over!

A teddy bear was used in an exciting commercial to showcase how the California Tile Company works. The accessory that is sold helps find lost objects. In the movie called ‘Lost Panda’, the teddy bear wakes up lost on the street. Lonely, poor Panda walks around town searching for his family. And when he seems to have no more hope, the Tile device stored in his pocket sounds, warning that his family is close. According to B9, in addition to the film, the brand also features offline actions, in which posters with the panda were scattered in San Francisco and New York. The creation is from Deutsch, directed by Mark Molloy with Smuggler production.

Impossible not to be moved by it

Actual posters were used in the campaign

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