Last month me and my girlfriend had this crazy idea of going to Peru for a new adventure. We expected good food, friendly people and most of all amazing landscapes.

Unfortunately Peru was not what we expected it to be. So if you have Peru on your bucket list, please read this post first before you make the same mistake we made…

More info:

It rains almost all year round. So you can forget about watching a nice sunset.

Oh and don’t expect to find any rugged nature. 90% of Peru is flat.

The cities are really boring too. They are colorless and lake of interesting sights.

Another thing we hated about Peru was the food. Only kidney beans, kidney beans and more kidney beans.

It’s unsafe to travel Peru. The people are unfriendly and you have to watch your stuff all the time.

So think twice before you book your tickets to Peru. Otherwise you end up disappointment at a boring place like Machu Picchu.