Last summer my friend and I flew to San Francisco from Rome, Italy. We started our road trip from there and drove for more than 6.000 kilometers across California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah for 15 days. The second stop of this so-classic road trip was Los Angeles. It was my second time there and I have to admit I didn’t like it much back in 2015: too much traffic, too spread out. However, this time I wanted to see something different and decided to visit Venice Beach.

I was flooded by a splash of blue. And by that lifestyle you see in movies.

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Venice Beach is so laid back

It’s the Californian lifestyle at its best : palm trees, surfers, skaters and sandy beaches

Oh and those kids skating

This little one was entertaining the whole crowd

I wondered if it was all real. It felt like I was living in a movie scene

(So this is why Apple made Airpods?)

Even though Venice Beach is as crowded as the Italian Venice, it’s definitely less suffocating. You just need to breath in the fresh Ocean breeze (and you’ll probably smell a hint of weed too) and look up at those tall palm trees reaching for the blue sky