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I Photographed A Wedding Where Both The Bride And The Groom Were Djs
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Photography, Wedding3 years ago

I Photographed A Wedding Where Both The Bride And The Groom Were Djs

This is what happens when the bride and groom are both DJs. The mix of an Ibiza styled DJ set and a wedding party can only lead to one thing! A wedding day rave-up in the middle of rural Norfolk!

I captured these images of this amazing couple on their wedding day which took place in Norfolk UK. I didn’t know until the day that the happy couple were both keen DJ’s and had a love for dance music.

When I was told that morning what was going to happen I instantly knew that this was going to be an amazing opportunity for some amazing dance floor pictures. As the evening came closer the first dance came and went like any other wedding that I have photographed.

Then the music stopped and the lights went out to reveal the happy couple standing behind the decks whilst they cued up the first banging track. A few minutes later out came the glow sticks and the manic dance moves of true hardcore dance lovers.

The set was amazing and consisted of many old school dance tracks including some bangers from Baby D! This for me was a wedding that I will always remember!

More info:

Bride and Groom DJs

Showing off some dance moves

Brides amazing first dance

Bride and Groom take a break from DJing to dance

Bride busting some moves

Bride and Groom lining up some banger’s

DJ Bride showing off some moves

Raise your hands if you like to party

Out with the glow sticks

Deep inside the party

Like a true couple working together

The last set for the night. Lets party!


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