Rabath Jany is an ancient city in Babaria, built across the fiords of both Silvenaos and Yellow seas. It is better known as Maze city due to its complex architectural structure.

Actually, the very old town was developed as an intricate human environment. For instance, floor exists not just inside the buildings but also in the external urban environment. The original drawing is 132 cm large and 96 cm high.

I developed this painting traveling around the world during five years. The mix of different people, cultures and natural landscapes I met during my trip has deep influenced the development of the maze city. Rabath Jany is the result of such mix of cultures I met during my trips. I can say that the Maze city is a real architectural and cultural puzzle. During this trip I understood an important feature of my drawings: they are limitless, thus I must not “conclude” them, never!

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Maze city

This is the full view of the Maze city. It has millions of inhabitants that live in lots of intricated neighborhoods.

Central harbour

Maze city is a mixture of modern and ancient technologies. Maze city’s inhabitants always used sailing ships. Otherwise, they also have a very sophisticated sky metro infrastructure with hundreds of sky lines running through all the districts.

Central harbour detail with the Jamaskhar tower

The west dock of the central harbour

West dock, central harbour (detail)

South East neighborhood

You can see down on the left an example of building sail. Building sails are used in the Maze city to supply wind energy for houses. On the top you can see the East Railway Station while the center of the image is crossed by a line of the sky metro.

Maze city’s sky metro (detail)

Fisherman’s channel

Stairway district

Stairway district is the very old town of Maze city.

Stairway square

Mobile sail’s Barges

Mobile sail Barge (detail)

Mobile sails are used to pass under the thousands of bridges of the Maze city.

Statue’s bay

Bay of the Suspended Bridge

Khawar Kaddha Bazar (Main Bazar)

The wood island’s Ghats

Rabath Jany Central Station

Rawajasta Temple

Rawajasta is a neighborhood in the south of Maze city. You can see on the left the Temple, one of the biggest temples of the whole Maze city with it’s 150 meters tall black spire. In front of the Temple there is the daily market. On the other side, down on the right, you can see an example of the giant dimensions of nature in that zone of Continente Minore, a giant bunch of grapes.

Giant bunch of grapes

Rawajasta bazar

Giant bunch of grapes in the Nawar Saddhath district

Dub square

The music district of Dubbah

Districts of the water

Under construction

North West Maze city panorama