I am a 54 year old freelance artist, illustrator, cartoonist and writer from Malta. I work exclusively with technical pens in tiny point sizes and I use a hatching technique to build up my images.

The tiny point sizes means my images take some time to complete – anything from three to twelve days in fact. My drawings often take the form of story telling – at least most people tell me so… I work mostly from imagination, doodles and sketches.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of my work. I also update my FB page daily should you wish to follow that.

More info: Facebook

“Dr.Mengele will see you now…”

Basically I only draw what people would describe as ‘funny figures’ … however that doesn’t mean I do not tackle dead serious subjects. Reading Richard. J.Evans harrowing history of the Third Reich provoked this one….

The Art Adjudicating Committee

Judging modern art… it can have its dilemmas :)

Unfinished Business

Washed out gangland figures. Not much to add here…

We don’t like Strangers around here…

Have you ever walked through a small town and felt people’s eyes stabbing your back? I have…

Ecce Homo

A very personal view of the human condition… modern man – alienated, confused…

Light of the Moon (detail)

This was started on the Tuesday terrorists attacked Brussels airport and finished on the day other terrorists attacked people in a park at Lahore. At first I was going to call it ‘No Shock, Just Awe’… but then I went for a simpler title…

Grey Day

The humdrum existence of the nine to five crowd.


A brother and sister look upon a broken soft toy. But one of the siblings is not so innocent methinks….