This is Futuracha Pro, a unique set of whimsical, weaving characters that change shape and interact as they form different words, and it’s almost ready for keyboards everywhere.

Høly, a team of designers based in Greece, launched Futuracha 5 years ago as an experimental font. The quirky letters came in raw form, and had to be arranged manually. Due to explosive popularity, Høly began designing Futuracha Pro, an Open Type version of the file that could be typed normally from any keyboard, featuring intelligent characters that change shape according to the letter sequence of a given word.

Futuracha Pro basically makes any word look like an Art-Deco masterpiece, and it’s slated to be complete in May. Høly’s Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the font’s development was a smashing success, raising over 15 times their original goal of $4000. Backers, depending on their pledge, will receive a personal or commercial licence to use the font, as well as mesmerizing merch.

More info: IndiegogoHøly

These magical letters change shape as they form different words, intuitively interacting to create magical text

They belong to Futuracha Pro, a whimsical new font by Greek design team Høly that is almost ready for keyboard use

The font features unique ‘weaving’ characters, and can accommodate many languages, including the team’s native Greek

The development of the font was crowdfunded by an Indiegogo campaign, which raised over 15 times its original goal of $4000

Futuracha Pro will be available in keyboard-friendly format by May 2017, and already has thousands of licence holders

See the fierce font in action and learn about its progress below: