The Feather Tribe started with a lucid dream – Jester Featherman, who started the movement in the town of Ubud (Bali), dreamed of gifting a new friend with a white bone carved feather necklace to acknowledge their friendship, and was so excited about the dream that he acted on it, and got the feather made.

From there, more and more of his friends wanted to acknowledge their connection to him and their community by wearing a carved feather necklace of their own. The “feather tribe” expanded throughout Ubud, and when Jester left Bali to travel the world, again, more and more people wanted to carry their own feather token of friendship and community; including his partner Gypsy Dreaming, who he met in England.

Eventually, they settled in Australia and turned their feather symbols of connection and community into a fledgling business – keeping the name the movement picked up in Bali, to become the Worldwide Feather Tribe. Their creations and ideas have expanded well past the white bone feather that started the movement – there’s now feather pendants made from metal, shell, bone, pearls and other sustainable materials, as well as other pieces like headbands, earrings and armbands. They’ve kept the community element strong by bringing their feathers to festivals, creating a Facebook group and getting to know the people who wear their creations (thanks to Jester and Gypsy for granting full permission to post their photos and share their story).

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