This photo-project represents a story about love, that it doesn´t matter where we live as long as we have each other… :)

The reason? We are setting up an exhibion, with the best (home with you) photographs .

All the proceeds from sells are dedicated to our new nonprofit organization (called DOMOV S TEBOU/eng HOME WITH YOU) to help young couples from socially disadvantaged families to find a place to live.

We need your help! If you like our project, please donate. We want to make the world a better place. :)

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# Home is wherever I´m with you :)

# Everithing started in Slovakia

Everything started in Slovakia. we made these pictures just for fun. :) Just to point out that it doesn´t matter where we live as long as we have each other.

# Trip around Europe

We decided to make our photoproject much bigger. So we planned our tip

# Budapest-Hungary

We´ve met really nice people who let us borrow their furniture and helped us with shooting as well. :)

# Ljublana-Slovenia

Rog factory in Ljublana is very hipster/squatting place with very open-minded people. :)

The most difficult part was to carry all furniture to the main square though. :D

# Venice-Italy

Limited options in Venice. Not possible to get any furniture there.

# Verona-Italy

Good mornig. :) We´ve met really nice guy there who let us sleep in his sister´s appartement. :)

# Genova-Italy

Random picture with table and chairs from restaurant near by:)

# Nice-France

Did you know that people in Nice are throwing many useful things out? Everything you see here is taken out from garbage :D

# Saint Tropez-France

Well it was supposed to be picture under the water. :D…

# Marseille-France

Hmm we got robbed in Marseille. Somebody stole our laptop, mobile phone and camera from our car while we were on the beach. We lost many photos and videos from this photoproject. :(

This photo is the only one from Marseille :(

# Paris-France

Such a lovely family who helped us in Paris. They let us borrow anything we wanted from their appartment at 7 am in the morning. :)

# Brussels-Belgium

We were so lucky in Belgium too. We met a guy, professional photographer. He even let us borrow his camera for the rest of our trip. :)

# Berlin-Germany

# Dresden-Germany

Everything form the garbage again :)

# Prague-Czech republic

4am in the morning. Just to make sure that nobody walks on on the bridge. Photos taken by random slightly drunk girl :D