Hi! I want to share this short story with you. First of all, I like to draw and post my drawings to get criticism and also to get the visibility for my art. I made an upload to Imgur and I got a reply from a guy. He needed a cover for his first book. I told him that I’m interested to help him! In general I’m a person who likes to help other people. I told to Mr. Writer that I will give my drawing freely to him if he likes it. I made the drawing in many streaming sessions and I liked it so I sent it to him.

He told that I had captured the right atmosphere in to the drawing. He was so pleased that he wanted to pay for me for my work. It meant a lot to me because I’m trying to get more popularity towards to my art. Here is part of his message when he first time looked at the picture: “I got so excited when i saw the cover that I laughed and freaked out my wife! That looks amazing!!! ” I think you can understand that it felt good!

Mr. Writer will make hard copies for himself. He will send one of those to me as well! That is awesome! I’m that kind of dude who doesn’t likes to read that much but I will not skip this opportunity. Here in Finland is middle of the autumn. Days are getting darker. I think it’s a good time to start reading a book next to a fireplace.

I hope this post will help Mr. Writer and his book the get more readers. Let the good things spread. Book is just published on Amazon (check the link below).

The Artist, Oldomato

Mr. writer, Dakota Krout

Book, Dungeon Born – The Divine dungeon, Book 1.

More info: amazon.com

Cover of the book that I drew

Drawing that I uploaded to Imgur a while go

Screenprint of the first messages

Dungeon Born – Divine Dungeon (the cover of the book) by me Oldtomato