Hello! My name is Ellanor Aquitaine and I am the owner, designer, and maker behind my newly launched jewelry business, Arthyan.

I have a unique style: I combine various real flowers (dried and pressed) with gorgeous semi-precious gemstones and pearls, creating pieces which are reminiscent of the elegance of French Art Nouveau and the extravagance of Persian and Indian bridal jewelry.

I spent a year in the developmental phase of the business experimenting with what worked best, sketching my designs, and doing extensive research into the jewelry worn in the Victorian ages, 1800s India, and my favorite Art-Nouveau designers. This period of research has allowed me to hone my craft to perfection and develop the wonderfully unique style you see today – nobody is doing anything like Arthyan.

I have always had a love for jewelry, both minimalist and statement pieces. In my own jewelry collection, I have taken my love for nature, my spirituality, love for my partner, and love for the natural jewels of the Earth to create something new.

In a multi-cultural relationship it’s very important to respect and explore each other’s cultures and as a result, it has opened my eyes to the diversity of the world and how much that diversity is needed for everything, creation included.

My jewelry is available to buy on my website. You can also visit my Instagram page for more photos.

More info: arthyan.com | Instagram

English Rose Garden – Choker with Garnets, Pearls and Seed Pearls

This choker took a long time to create – it’s made with a gorgeous combination of rose petals, leaves, gold and gold leaf. The deep red garnets match perfectly with the rose petals, and the pearls complete the romantic feeling.

The band is made with 3 strings of seed pearls, each individually knotted. It is made as a set with the Jhumka and Nath also available.

Image credits: arthyan.com

Indian Juda Pin

The Garden of Nymphs – Jhumka with Peridot and Pearls

Cherry Blossom Garden – Jhumka with Rose Quartz

Garden of Nymphs – Chandbali with Peridots and Pearls

Pansy Threader Earrings with Seed Pearls

English Rose Garden – Jhumka with Garnets and Pearls

Garden of Nymphs – Chandbali with Peridot and Pearls

Indian Juda Pin

Maharashtrian Nath (Nose Pin) – Seed Pearls, Garnets, Opals and Peridot