Everyone wants happiness. This artist found an elegant, beautiful, and humorous way to teach us how to find it. Jean-Pierre spent years exploring ways to bring more courage, authenticity, and acceptance into his life. He put down what he found in the form of paintings. And created a book, The Well of Being. It is filled with ah-ha moments and funny and relatable illustrations. He calls it ‘A Children’s Book for Adults.’

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, we felt our feelings, and released them.

life was magical

and everything we did was a masterpiece.

But one day…


we learned that things could go terribly wrong…

We tried to make sense of the world. We started to believe that joy depends on circumstance, on what happens outside of us,

that we are lacking…


we developed false beliefs about who we are…


or who we should be…

We reduce life to matter.

Yet, rather than getting trapped by concepts

let’s take a journey to the well-being we long for

in which we feel ourselves to be One with the world


and connect to the wonder, the mystery

and the flow


of openhearted Being.