PicsArt has the usual bunch of tech company cliques: the all-knowing IT guys, the lively content creators who talk too much about hashtags, the hardworking support and developer teams, the creative designers and of course, the awesome managers who make sure we’re not always up to mischief!

Then there’s Sarah.

Sarah Fountain is PicsArt’s blog writer who’s hoping to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Training for the 42K event is no joke, and that’s why in all her spare time (including lunch hours), Sarah is running.

She averages a 100 miles a week which is a feat everyone at the office has trouble understanding.

How can someone run so far, so fast, and so often? Our team at PicsArt got inspired by these viral memes. We had some fun at the office using our app’s editor tools to troll Sarah and “figure out” what’s motivating her.

Scroll to the end to support Sarah and make your own edit of her!

More info:

The Walking Dead zombies are always great motivators to get your RPM’s up.

Or you can get some inspiration from Coach Forrest when he screams, “RUN Sarah, RUN!” He’s a tough trainer.

Sarah’s not afraid of bad blood by leaving her fans hanging. She has better things to do than giving out high fives.

Winter is here. But Sarah’s still running.

Runaway bride? Sorry Prince Harry, looks like royalty can’t even stop her.

The smell of Eggos may be the only reason Sarah would stop. Plus, it’s never a good idea to upset Eleven.


Everyone knows the best way to cool down after a long workout is alongside Michael Jackson in a blossoming meadow.

Sure, he walked on water, but could he run on water?

Nothing can keep Sarah away from a balloon, especially the ones at the finish line.

Wanna get in on the trolling? Use this sticker to remix Sarah and make sure to post and share with the hashtag #runsarahrun! We wish you luck, Sarah!