While most kids are stuck to the screens of televisions, computers and smartphones with their faces, Serbian teenager Filip Stevic is doing something completely different. He makes tiny sculptures from pencil tips and they are awesome.

While living in his hometown Smederevo in Serbia, he saw a video on YouTube one day. A video of long time graphite sculpture Dalton. It inspired the boy so much that he wanted to try it for himself. One day he found an old pencil in his grandparents basement, took it home with him and started carving.

While the result wasn’t what he hoped for, he continued making these miniature graphite figures and slowly honed his skills to the point that he’s had his first exhibition in his hometown at age fifteen.

In an interview with European culture platform Forum of Europe he says that his dream is to ‘become a decent man, with strong character and to be called a great artist one day so that my parents can be proud of me.’

Well, with the full support of his family it can only be a matter of time before he reaches his goals.

More info: forumofeurope.eu