Well if you are about to buy a new printer, then make sure it is expendable or else you might run it a bad deal. We use 3D printers for definitive different purposely such as creating household goods, DIY Inventions, and Presentation models. So we have to make sure it has the following features and counts for the money you pay.


The most important thing to consider is to select whether you want to go for a Home or Individual-based printer or commercial business type. It is because, Home based printers cost you way below in the range of $500 $4000, where as the Commercial ones will cost you around $50,000+.

Budget Matters

If you are looking for to buy printers for home or small scale enterprise, go for the ones which are less than $4000 range. But for commercial and business purpose going for small printers isn’t a good choice. The big ones would cost you more than $10,000 and some of them are as high as $50,000.


More the extruder, more the colors you can play with in both home and commercial models you like to purchase. Even the price difference between single and dual extruder is negligible.

Print Quality and Capacity

They come in different size model which help you build objects smaller than a tennis ball or even bigger. Some of them have a size of 9*9*9 inches which is good for printing bigger models. The big ones reduce your effort to glue model slices after the whole prices which seem very hectic and might look defective.

On the other hand, we also need to take care how your printed model looks whether it is accurate to the input design or not. Some cheap printers might give you perfect output but they will have a flaw or at least little ones which count.


3D printing is still developing and we will be seeing huge growth in the upcoming days. So we have to make sure that our printer has good support from the company, such as technical or use issues. They also have to support different operating platforms and the most common ones like Windows and MAC, so as to run along with Designing software.

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6 Things to Consider Before Buying A 3D Printer

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