I stopped a diverse handful of strangers on the streets of London and asked them a few questions about happiness.

I wanted to show that what we have in common with one another is more important than what divides us.

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“Happiness to me is when people can live together and love each other” – Rocky Campbell, 69 years old

“I want peace in the world, I want the wars to end and everyone to respect each other.” – Ahmed, 60 years old

“Everyone should be happy, even animals should be happy, the whole planet should be happy.” – Millie, 29 years old

“We’re not all rich, we’re not all very very healthy, but we have to be in the moment and enjoy what we have.” – Selma, 39 years old

“Always think positive, don’t think negative at all. Everything happens for a reason, so just don’t be afraid, just go for it and try to smile.” – Amjad, 25 years old

“Always put a smile on your face even if you’re not happy, that’s what I do.” – Natalie, 33 years old