Woolderness Felting is creating needle felted critters with charm and sass…

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I’m pretty sure most of them are only coming for the wine and gossip…

“Learn to play an instrument,” they said. “It will help you express yourself.” “It had better be the trumpet then,” she said. “Because I have a lot to say!”

This little frog has been waiting all day to tell you about #pondlife

The Carolina Wren liked to tell his friends about the grand home he was going to build when he had the time. But everyone all knew he’d just nest in an old boot again.

Turtle was like a one-creature pride parade, and they loved it.

This apple was left for so long that it became sentient and left to make a life of its own.

“I might not be able to soar”, said Quail, “but I always look fly!”

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