I invite you to walk through some of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Belgium. Belgium is a great country and this is why you might feel that you do not have very much to see and do here. But Belgium is not nearly so boring as some believe, not just in Brussels on beer, chocolate, French fries and waffles.

True, landscapes in Belgium can be dull, even boring, repetitive, just like plains and plateaus! But this country has many surprises for those who are curious to discover. In short, Belgium has plenty of cities and towns special, unique, old, picturesque. Having made history, these burgs are attractive, full of life and attractions ever.

Are picturesque, they are among the most beautiful cities in Europe and it’s a shame not to visit! In addition, very close to Brussels or other major cities in Europe and is easily accessible by train or car.

Here are the most beautiful cities in Belgium, which retains the old architecture, medieval. And their unique style is matched by great tourist attractions.

-from. This city located 100 kilometers southwest of Brussels, on the river Meuse, is famous for its medieval fortress with towers and defensive walls solid. A tourist destination in the region Wallonia Dinant is associated with Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, was born here in 1814. In Dinant many musical events take place, and the city is especially romantic for special medieval atmosphere.

What not to miss in Dinant. Fortress built in the twelfth century to control the Meuse valley is the main tourist attraction of Dinant. It is located on a rocky peak, where you can admire the whole town and much of the Meuse valley. You can climb the ramparts of the city, the 420 steps or you can opt for a funicular. Up, waiting for scenic views and a war museum. During World War I, around the fortress battles were important, one of the injured was Charles de Gaulle lieutenant at the time.

Another landmark of Dinant, with its impressive Gothic architecture, is Notre Dame. It was built on the ruins of a church built in the early twelfth century. Dinant Adventure Park is one of the sights not to be missed as Stânca Bayard.

-In near Grotte La Merveilleuse Dinant is a place worth seeing as well as Notre Dame de Leffe Abbey known for its unfiltered beer, Leffe. Abbey Notre-Dame de Leffe survived disasters over the years, was rebuilt in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and plundered by French revolutionaries in 1794.

-Namur . On the road between Dinant and Brussels is Namur (in Flemish Namen), an important university city. Located at the confluence of the Sambre and Meuse, Namur was a major road junction and sea. Namur strategic position gave it military importance since Roman times, but it brought, while many sieges and destruction. Currently, because of these battles, Namur has an interesting amalgam of architectural styles from different periods of time, which gives it a unique charm.

What to visit in Namur. Town with cobbled streets and traditional red brick house is considered one of the most cosmopolitan in Belgium . Naumur citadel , where simply step on the trail history of over 6,000 years of the city should not be missed. Old Art Museum Trésor d’Hugo d’Oignies, Eglise Saint-Loup, Aubain Cathedral, Rue de Fe, Armes and Tower St. James are some of the unmissable sights in Namur

-Mons. Known as Bergen in Flemish quiet Mons developed on a strip of land between the rivers Clothing and Trouille. Mons is not as old as Namur, its neighbor located at 72 km East. Located about 70 km from Brussels, Mons is attested century III, since there is a Roman camp. A monastery dedicated to St. Waltrude was founded in the VII century, because a little later to become a settlement with towers and battlements. Mons was well fortified in the XIV-XVI, but suffered greatly during the wars of the eighteenth and sixteenth centuries lost local influence. Today Mons is a university town, former European Capital of Culture in 2015 and that says quite a lot.

Why not thyself in Mons. Van Gogh was here for a while before going in Provence, and the house where he lived can be visited. Mons has also some unique attractions, such as Square, Tower Hall, Sainte-Waudru Cathedral, War Museum. Military Cemetery St. Symphorien , where British and German soldiers are buried killed at the Battle of Mons is located at 2 km of Mons and the Château de Beloeil Beloeil Park and is less than 30 kilometers. Borough hosts traditional celebrations like “Lumeçon” and “Le Car d’Or”.

– Durbuy is another pretty town which takes about two hours by train from Brussels (located 120 km south-west of the capital). It is a photogenic place, with alleys, houses calved old gray stone or brick with wooden beams, hosting hotels and restaurants laden flowers in summer.

A comfortable destination. Durbuy is the kind of destination meant you enjoy the most comfortable visitors. Here you can slowly walk down the alleys or train that takes you to points of view, to taste the local beer or jam, a manufactured product that can be accessed for free.

What not to miss in Antwerp. Elegant and historic city, Antwerp has a few gems sleeve, and here I speak not of the diamond trade which plays an important role at mondail. Antwerp has an impressive historic center, Notre Dame is the largest in the Benelux countries and hosts monumental works and is the most fun city in Belgium, that it is also the largest port of the country. Detailed here .

-Mechelen. Town located at no 21 km south of Antwerp is lively, though not as crowded as some would expect. The brewery tours and river boat trips are just some of the attractions of this burg in Flanders. (Photo source /toerisme.mechelen.be)

Unmissable in Mechelen . Cathedral St. Romboutskathedraal, featuring works by Van Dyck and Breendonk fort, built during World War I and became the War, Nazi headquarters, are two of the objectives of Mechelen. Climb the tower of the cathedral (UNESCO), although it can be tiring, it is recommended for those with physical condition, willing to subjugate the city from above. A cruise on the Dyle, a visit to the Toy Museum and the Beguinage (UNESCO site) are must see in Mechelen (Malines in French).

-Leuven. The town located 20 km from Brussels (and 20 minutes by train) is home to the oldest university in Belgium, founded in 1425 by the Duke of Brabant. Lots of bars and cafes available, youthful and cheerful atmosphere specific university centers and a number of medieval buildings are notable highlights of Leuven.

What is worth visiting in Leuven. Leave the car and rent a bicycle or prepare for long walks on foot in Leuven! Splendid building Stadhuis (City Hall) and the imposing Cathedral St-Pieterskerk, which houses three great early Flemish paintings Square Oude Markt , one of the most handsome in the region are some of the objectives of Leuven in addition to not get careless. Then there is the museum Vanderkelen (art) and the Museum of Zoology. Former Roman Catholic brotherhood, Groot Begijnhof, included in UNESCO Patrimony is full of romantic alleys and stone houses, one of the most charming places in Leuven.

Less than 5 km from Leuve is Abbey Park (Abdij t ‘Park), founded in 1129 as a monastic community. Here, you can explore the palace of former abbots, bibllioteca and charming houses with their mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

-Bruges (Brugge) . I agree with those who say it is the most beautiful city in Belgium because it has a special architecture atmosphere both romantic, mysterious, medieval. Plus it has several channels, enough to be compared to Venice is called “Venice of the North” (though there are others).

Unavoidable in Bruges . Bruges actually has two main attractions: big market, where some of the main objectives and waterways. The latter deserves to walk even to change the perspective of the city ,, outline of truistice attractions in Bruges here.

-Ghent. The city seemed the most authentic of all, a combination of Bruges (due waterways) and Antwerp (through architecture and cultural wealth). Ghent is not pretentious and not crowded, but it does not mean that he has something to delight you, you attract Flemish architecture, streets and neighborhoods with old castles and famous churches. It is worth visiting Ghent , find out why!

-Brussels. E t is none the capital and the State bound. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe, of what to see and what you experience here and be satisfied whether you are fond of art, history, or simply a gourmet arthitectura. Impressions, photographs and about what not to miss in Brussels find here

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