What would you put in a ‘coming out’ kit? Confetti and glitter? A bottle of champagne to celebrate?..

How about a sleeping bag and some warm clothes for life on the street?

1 in 4 homeless people in the UK identify as LGBTIQ+. That’s the shocking statistic behind the Coming Out Kit, the new AMV BBDO campaign for a small British charitable organisation called The Outside Project.

Each of the items in the Coming Out Kit is emblazoned with a quote from an LGBTIQ+ person telling their story: “My first same-sex relationship turned violent and there was no refuge to go to”; “I spoke to my boss about being bullied since coming out as trans. He told me to ‘man up’ and laughed”. These stories show some of the reasons why this community is at a greater risk of homelessness, from family rejection and domestic violence to work discrimination and sexual exploitation.

The good news is, the UK’s first crisis shelter and community centre for vulnerable LGBTIQ+ people will soon be launching in London. Set up by The Outside Project in partnership with Stonewall Housing, it will offer 24/7 support for those who need it most.

As well as the film, the campaign includes a website, comingoutkit.com, which shows the kit and all of its depressing contents. After reading the quotes and facts on the site, you can help The Outside Project by donating to or volunteering with the organisation, or even hosting someone in a crisis.

More info: comingoutkit.com

What should be in a ‘coming out kit’? Champagne and glitter? Think again.

Coming Out Kit