This is a social responsibility project for Hürriyet, the leading newspaper of Turkey, who has been one of the main flag holders of the issue “domestic violence” for years. 2 out of every 3 women unfortunately suffer from domestic violence in Turkey yet none of them can raise their voices about it.

We collaborated with Turkey’s most famous female singers and they created a special song for the project called “We are the Women”. The interesting thing is that the song is recorded on the original X-Ray films of women who really suffered from domestic violence.

The X-Ray material is a similar material to vinyl which can allow sound recording and transfer music. The sound recording process was hand-crafted by a traditional vinyl artisan.

500 copies – each being a proof of domestic violence- were recorded and sent to politicians, reporters and opinion leaders of Turkey.

The Sound of Violence project is made to brake the silence and to be the sound of women who can’t raise their voice.