More and more people are realising that our urban lifestyle needs an intervention. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses. This aromatic phone case lets you do that, literally.

Made from handpicked organic materials like roses, jasmine or coffee, Organika phone cases by MMORE have really raised the bar for premium phone case manufacturers. Phone cases are just supposed to protect your phone and look good, right? These guys think they can do more.

Organika cases add smell and touch to the equation. The goal is to take this totally ordinary thing we do all the time – holding a phone – and turn it into an experience. Smell the roses wherever you are, because they’re on your phone. The cases are coated in an advanced organic resin which offers great protection, but still lets you feel the natural texture of the material, and preserves the smell for up to 6 months.

Imagine getting a call from a friend who wants to meet up in a café downtown. Now imagine the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee swirling gently up your nostrils, while your fingers trace the hoarse yet soothing surface of coffee beans. And this is before you even answer the phone. Human senses can transform any moment into a journey, if we treat them right.

Our phone cases are with us pretty much every moment of our lives, but they offer us so little. It’s time we started asking more from them. Organika cases do that, by getting our senses involved. Humans have five major senses, which make up pretty much everything we experience in the world: Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Now, no one is going to lick their phone case, and it would obviously be a bad idea to have a phone case that makes noise, but it’s time for smell and touch to step out of the shadows.

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