I draw quirky illustrations of my pets. Lavender is our sweet baby bunny and Elune is our fluffernutter of a Shetland Sheepdog. For me, this is a way to make my fur babies live on forever through their adventures. I hope these quirky illustrations bring a smile to your face as Lavender and Elune have done for our family.

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The real life Lavender and Elune

Setting sale on another adventure

Gift wrapping

Valentine’s Day

Maple syrup on tap

Pura Vida



Adventure to Space

The year of the rooster


Pumpkin carving

An unusual visitor

Decorating the tree

Star gazing

Hot air balloon

A knights tail

Happy birthday!


Family photo

Would you like to build a snowman?


That time we were in a band


Santa Bunny

An unusual hat

LAN party