There’s no doubt that we all love to holiday, but did you know you could be falling foul of local laws next time you step onto foreign soil?

Before you venture on your next break, check out these surprising laws to avoid a globetrotting faux pas, or worse still, a massive fine, or imprisonment.

More info:

1. Taking gum into Singapore is illegal. What’s more, selling it there could get you a fine of up to $100,000.

2. Enjoy a tipple while relaxing on your holiday in US? Be extra careful. You could get arrested while in public, even if you just look intoxicated!

3. Eating a sandwich or having a drink while chilling on church steps or courtyards in Florence is an offence.

4. Don’t even think about a kiss or cuddle in public while in the UAE as public displays of affection could lead to arrest and imprisonment.

5. Sitting on the pavement in many US cities is an offence.

6. You can only dance in Japan after midnight if the lights are on. Strut-your-stuff into the early hours – but make sure you keep the lights up!

7. Many countries ban medication that we use at home without a prescription, so check before you travel with medication abroad.