I have to confess, I really love the sea so much. I can’t even comprehend to imagine what it would be like to live somewhere where you won’t see the Sea, I would be okay living among the Mountain, but if there were no Sea by where I live, it might just sound like a cynical thing to say, but I could lose my mind from that.

Durban definitely has some beautiful beaches to explore, there are so many beaches to visit, there are Baliito Bay, Umdloti Beach, Uhlamnga Beach, Durbannorth Beach, Moyo Pier, and Durbannorth Beach, also Bluff Beach is quite good to explore if you don’t mind the hike.

I’m a big fan when it comes to exploring the beach, even for a bonfire and beach walk, but my favorite activities on the beach are definitely swimming and photography.

Before I got my first digital camera, I used to often go to the shores when there is big wave with a barrel at least 2 meters high, it’s almost like standing inside in the wave. I had a Go Pro Hero 3, White Edition, with a waterproof Case. I often go when the tides are high, and when the wave formed a barrel, I always go for it to be within the barrel in order to take photographs before the wave come down crashing on me, Needless to say, it was worth the mission.

I could spend a couple of hours just trying to find the right angle, and the exposure while taking a photograph of the rocks while the wave flows over them. When I do Seascape Photography, I often normally do long exposure shots. For this kind of work, I have to use a tripod with Nikon D5200, with a GND filter on an 18-55mm lens, and the exposure duration would be at least 1 to 30 seconds.

What I love about the long exposure shots is that you can use the wave as a paintbrush, to explains this directly, I do this kind of Seascape photography during Sunset, Dusk Hours or Sunrise (must be there half an hour earlier before the sun pop out). Normally before I begin my long exposure shot, I would only begin just before when the wave is about to crash upon the rocks and flows over them, and that would leave behind a creamy and smooth texture of the sea left behind of the wave. The Camera has a way to manipulate light and time, and this is what happens when you combine time with light. It becomes like art.

I hope Everyone enjoys this article and the photographs below, and may it inspire you to travel the world.

The Sunrise of Sea

The Whale Bone Pier

Skateboarder’s Slice of Paradise

Fancy a Beach walk?

Pier of Sunshine.

The Path to Sunrise

The Sleepy Sea

Dark Moody days at Balito’s Beach

The Throne of Sea.

Good Vibes Only.

Balito’s Swimming Pool by the Beach

Grace of Sea

This pier remind me of the Northern Light in Norway.

This beach is full of beauty, (Balito)

The Lonely Rock

Moyo Pier

Fishermen’s Spot

Moody Days

Heartbeats of the Sea

The Whale Bone Pier

That Long Afternoon.

Thompson Bay.

The Quiet Before the Storm


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