#thepontiactakeover is a what Zach Curtis decided to call his effort to revive a once thriving city. unfortunately over the past years this hidden gem has suffered from drug and gun violence driving many to move away triggering a economic downfall. less and less people flooding the streets to enjoy all of the diversity this city has to offer.

so to mimic what the city of Detroit has done with its eastern market art district which has brought large amounts of people back to a city that was suffering from similar problems seemed like a no brainer.

Zach’s main goal is to make the streets of Pontiac a much more beautiful place to spark that foot traffic again in order to pump life back into our amazing local businesses here.

All while developing his skills as an artist.

this will be his 4th and 5th wall Zach has done in this great city and has number 6 and 7 already locked in so this summer has been a busy one but he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Zach started painting only a year and a half ago and the city of Pontiac and all of its wonderful people took a chance on Zach by letting him paint all over town now its his turn to pay it back!!!!

Pontiacs protector

pontiac takeover part 2

pontiac takeover pt 2 while painting

pontiac takeover pt 2

Pontiacs protector (pontiac takeover part 5)

half of Pontiacs protector (pontiac takeover part 4)

cheesing like the goof I am in front of the 6th part of the pontiac takeover a 50 footer!

the dancer (pontiac takeover pt 3)