Your private sanctuary – in seconds. Inspired by kids blanket forts when growing up the Pause Pod is a simple yet ingenious solution: A private pop up space for dedicated for relaxation. It lets you create a private sanctuary in seconds, no matter if at home, on-the-go or at the office. Simply pop it up, sit or lay in and treat yourself with some well-needed solitude. Suitable for all your relaxation needs.

The Pause Pod is carefully designed to meet all your relaxation needs- no matter who you are. Every Pause Pod comes included with smart features like high quality fabric that blocks out the light, a foldable leg compartment, a stylish carrying bag and an attachable reading light. In addition to that, supporters are offered to upgrade their Pause Pods by adding any of the Pause Pod add-ons: an ear muff-eye mask hybrid, a relaxing star sky or a “Pod Cinema”.

Treat yourself with a power nap in the dark after a long day, calm your mind with meditation or simply relax by reading a book, listen to music or kick back to your favorite show.

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