We are an independent creative agency from Ukraine – ANGRY.

This week we revealed the design of packaging for the limited edition of ice cream called Boo! (Бу! in Ukrainian) for Hercules, Ukrainian ice-cream brand.


What happens to most of the packs? They are thrown away. But some packs live longer.

For example, in Ukraine our grannies used to keep buttons, threads and needles in the round metal cookies boxes and our grandpas used to keep nails, hooks and screws there. And it was fascinating to dig in these treasures for every child. And these metal cookies boxes stood in a buffet as a decoration. So, that metal cookies boxes were created to attract attention and store cookies, and it received another function – to decorate home and entertain.


Together with Hercules team, we have created ice cream packaging that will attract attention, store ice-cream and entertain children.

“Boo!” edition is four different packs you can play with. Just move the inside part of the pack up or down and the monster will change its face. Of course, every monster has its name and temper.

*Important note:*

In Ukraine with sound “Boo!” people scare each other. It’s like boo in English, only without a negative shade.

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Boo! Edition Family

Boo! Edition / Игровая серия Бу!



Pani Huanita Tereza Booanita De Los Remedios Sipriano/Пані Тереза Буаніта де лос Ремедіос Сіпріано


Boo! Edition

Boolbaka Face/Бульбака

Koroboon Face/Коробун

Pani Huanita Tereza Booanita De Los Remedios Sipriano Face/Пані Тереза Буаніта де лос Ремедіос Сіпріано

Zaboovailo Face/Забувайло