The most beautiful cities in Belgium. Popular city-break destination thanks multicultural atmosphere, and because Belgium is sought peaceful cities, giving as true architectural gems, romantic canals and numerous cafes and restaurants renowned for their famous chocolate assortments.

The most beautiful mountain resorts in Austria. Hiking on fresh air, … The most beautiful cities in Belgium. Brussels Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, is considered the capital of Europe, thanks to numerous European institutions and international organizations which have their headquarters here. Tourists are attracted by the mix of cultural influences, showed the existence of the medieval alleys, Parisian-style boulevards or district reserved for the EU institutions. Of course, a read-break in Brussels should include mandatory visit Grand-Place square where City Hall was built in 1444. Not to forget the famous Manneken Pis statue, name translated as “little man who pees” which tells the story scene history From a child. Thus, in the eighteenth century, the Dutch wanted to set fire to the city, but the plan would be thwarted by a boy who urinated on the fuse on. FOTO The most beautiful cities in Belgium. Bruges Called the “Venice of the North”, the Belgian city of Bruges is crossed by many channels, reminiscent of the romantic Italian city. Therefore, a boat must be checked by the tourists who come here. Thus it can be seen leisurely Gothic and Baroque buildings forming a fairytale setting. A tourist attraction is appreciated Belfort tower, from which height (90 meters) visitors can admire the city. Church of St. Mary is one of the most visited Bruges, given that houses Michelangelo’s famous Pieta sculpture, a work which was brought to Bruges two merchants in 1506. Not to be missed or Diamond Museum Chocolate Museum, as It deserves to be admired beautiful Bruges lace.

The most beautiful cities in Belgium. Gent In Ghent are the largest pedestrian area in Europe, known for fascinating maze of medieval streets where you can admire the old houses of craft guilds. About Gravensteen castle, located in the heart of the city is said to be a real time machine, thanks to the people of the city that is trying to preserve the lifestyle of the Middle Ages. St. Nicholas Church is also an important tourist attraction.

The most beautiful cities in Belgium. Antwerp Captiala informal Flanders, Antwerp (Antwerpen) is the second largest port in Europe, is known for the diamond trade, but also because of the Flemish school of painting. A visit to Antwerp passing mandatory Grote Markt, where the picturesque buildings of the guild, but also the City Hall and statue of Brabo, the legendary hero who managed to defeat the giant guarding sometime passage of vessels on the râul Scheldt, demanding fees big. Legend has it that those who refused to pay ended up with hands cut off. Finally, the diamond district in Antwerp, with its shops and workshops full of bustle buyers from the whole world, deserves to be admired for several hours.