Ever feel trapped by life? Ever wanted to quit your job, sell your car, and hit the open road with nothing but what you can carry on your back? Well as you can see from this inspiring comic tribute, the late Patrick Joseph Falterman II did just that.

Patrick, who ran a website called hitchtheworld.com, recently died after the plane he was piloting crashed in Liberty County, Texas. He was only 26-years-old but he managed to fit more into his short time than most people do in a lifetime. A friend of his, an artist named Cale behind a website called Things in Squares, decided to create a comic about Patrick to honor his adventurous spirit and positive outlook on life. From hitchhiking through Latin America, busking on the streets in Brazil, and sailing down the Amazon on a home-made raft, Patrick lived a carefree life that most of us only dream of. Read about his story below to learn more about his amazing escapades. They’ll make you want to travel, but even more importantly, they’ll make you want to live.

More info: Things In Squares | Facebook | Hitchtheworld.com