Meet Alice Lewis, an aspiring nine-year-old actress and model. She enjoys cosplaying and having her pictures taken by her photographer mother, Kelly Lewis.

Alice’s beautiful story started when, at the age of 7, she was adopted by the photographer’s family. At the time of her adoption, she decided that she wanted to change her name to Alice – after Lewis Carroll’s beloved character.

With her incredible personality and imagination, Alice has already shown a natural modelling talent in front of the camera.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Readers concerned about the choice of wording in this post’s title are invited to read this Tumblr post by Alice’s mother, Kelly.

More info:

Joan of Arc

Edward Scissorhands

Marie Antoinette

Alice in Wonderland

Alice Lewis, age 8 as Alice in Wonderland (her namesake)


Carrie White

Alice Lewis, age 9 as Stephen King’s Carrie White


The Summoning

India Stoker

Little Miss Muffet

Wonder Woman


Alice Lewis, age 7 as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (featuring Hagrid as Toto)


Margot Tenenbaum

Porcelain Dolly

Hello Sailor!

Mother and daughter portrait.