Pointillism is the most peaceful and intimate illustration style I have found. To describe it in one word I would have to say–it is Cozy!

My name is Veta Bakhtina, I am an illustrator and muralist living in WA, USA. I create whimsical tales inspired a land of many forests and old metropolises–the Old Motherland. My newest project is The Magic Traveling Bunk Bed, a nighttime adventure story created in this intricate and meditative style. Climb aboard! And let the Magic Bunk Bed take you on a journey to Moon City, to rescue the Geese People from flood and save a lost gosling from a gale storm. On your voyage you will encounter magical characters and curious places–the Grieving Fox deep down in a cave at the bottom of her pond and the ever changing folk of Cloud Town!

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Deep Down in the Fox’s Pond

The Magic Bunk Bed Balloon

The Key to Moon City

Somewhere East of the Ural Mountains

The Bunk Bed Under the Stairs

Gramp had Built it Long Ago

The Magic Bunk Bed Assumed it’s Off Road Possition

Moon City Rose Before Them

The Grieving Fox’s Cave of Breads

And the Little Squirrel Told them Everything

Cloud City Bellowed by it’s Own Dismay

And the Storm Took the Little Gosling to its Home on the Sea

The Storm Still Bellowed in the Distance when they Heard the Splash

The Fountains of Moon City

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