The Lost Astronaut temporary public sculpture was installed at Bizottság square at Szentendre in the summer of 2017. It was the winner of the Home, Homelessness open call of Ferenczy Museum. The astronaut represents a feeling that I, – as well as probably everyone at least once in a lifetime experienced: being lost, not finding my place in the world. The lost astronaut was inspired by my own experience. After graduating from the University of Fine Arts in 2012, I felt like I have to see the world, so I moved to London, to the unknown. During the 2 years I spent there I often halted and asked myself: where am I, what do I do here? What is next? At last I got back to Hungary, and in a way I found my home again. The figure is looking for its place as well, but the question arises: where is home, what makes home home? Today, in time of massive migration – whether due to a war, or in the hope of better living – the question is more actual than ever. Everyone find him/herself in a situation when he/she halted and asked him/herself: What is next? The astronaut can symbolize the Hungarians living abroad who although moved to another country and chose a new home often feel themselves homeless. The generation Y – to whom I belong as well – can also sympathize with it, since they go through endless self- investigation. Although from time to time we settle down, we keep looking for our place in the world in a never ending process. The definition of home loses its meaning, becomes plastic. The sculpture can also represent refugees, since they are the most homeless among us all, as during there long and arduous jouney and as after. Everyone has found him/herself in such a situation as the astronaut. We are looking for our home but at the same time we are not sure where is it.




More info:

2017 – Public Art project
Szentendre, Hungary
3,2 x 1,6 x 1,6 m
upcycling: iron, plexi glass, metal sheet
Photo: Endre Véssey