In the cold winds of a village in North India, living out the golden years of life is a pleasure. The pure water that flows through the mountains and the crisp air keep worry and sickness at bay. Though their skin may be wrinkled and arms thin, the elderly of Himachal Pradesh look after themselves with agility that can put anyone in their youth to shame. Their sparkling eyes tell stories of many seasons gone and many that are yet to come.

This series follows the lives of ‘Bulandi Devi’ of 103 years old, a man ‘Laxman Das’ of 98 years old, ‘Revtu Ram’ of 110 Years old, ‘Bahadur singh’ of 101 years old, ‘Bhagat ram’ of 76 years old, ‘Lata devi’ of 86 years old and ‘Sarla devi’ of 72 years old. They stand witness to the fact that old age doesn’t have to be a burden, lived off the comfort of someone else’s shoulders. Their days are just like anyone’s – filled with energy and activity. Their zest for life and will power belies the fact that they are all aged between 95 to 110 years of age. In a world where the elderly are plagued by sickness and misery, do they know something that we do not?

The secret is simple. They live in a pure, untainted habitat in mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Their whole lives have been spent away from the grime, dust and worry of city life. Their nurture has always come from the earth, never from a factory-made packet. The serene villages and mountains of Himachal Pradesh offer more than beautiful landscapes and holiday getaways. These places hold the key to a fulfilled life, one that we city dwellers all desire but that always seems out of reach. We can learn truly to switch off the machines and connect with the very earth that we are made of. Pure, simple, and elemental. That is key to living a long, healthy and peaceful existence.

Revtu Ram (120 years)

Bulandi Devi (103 years)

Bulandi Devi, true to her name, lives out her old age with full energy and zest for life

Her spectacular shoes amazed me. The shoes are crafted of sheep wool. This helps keep warm in the extreme winters of Himachal and even walk in 7 to 8 feet of snow

Laxman Das (98 years)

As he Chatted with me, this elderly man recounted his glorious 97 years of life and told me that he is now awaiting, with contentment, the final few years

Laxman Das was gaunt with deep wrinkles in his neck. Yet, he is still hardy enough to walk for miles on the hard, cold roads

Bahadur Singh (101 years)

Sarla Devi (72 years). Ladies in himachal have the capacity to excel in everything. Initiating from taking care of kids, cooking to working in public sectors, they are and always have been an epitome of excellence

Bhagat Ram (76 years). A shepherd by profession, he takes his flock to the highest of hills so they can eat pure herbs

Lata Devi (86 years). I met this lady(86 years old) sitting on the roadside and there she was busy in weaving some threads of wool, which will contribute in making woolen shawls