I am an architect and jewelry designer from Greece.
I started making jewelry almost 5 years ago.
At first I used all kinds of ready made materials I could find in the hobby shops, such as plastic and glass beads, wires and things like that, but one day accidentally and while my daughter was making a collage with felt pieces I came up with the idea of using this material to create jewelry.
I was thrilled! This material was so beautiful, soft and colorful. I could make so many combinations. And that’s how it started.
Soon I opened my Etsy shop and named it Bead A Boo, that is an alternation of Peek a Boo.
I make felt beads that I roll with my hands. I use one, two or three colour felt strips to create each spiral bead and then I make necklaces, bracelets or earrings with them.
During 2015 I was awarded with the A Design Award for one of my necklaces and I participated in a design exhibition that took place in my country, called the DesignLab. For this purpose I decided to make something different, bigger and more extravagant, so I came up with the idea of making a vest with felt spiral beads. The vest is part of a full jewelry collection called The In-spiral Collection and includes a necklace, a brooch and a fingerless glove – bracelet.

More info: etsy.com

The In-Spiral Collection Vest. Hours of rolling felt strips.

The felt spirals make an amazing color combination.

The In-Spiral Collection.

The Garden Necklace.