The Great Welsh Dragon is one woman’s mission to try and encompass the whole history and culture of the Welsh people into one sculpture. It stands 2.8 metres high and has 29 oils paintings attached to it. One side of the dragon depicts the factual history, while the other side tells our fairy tales. There are 960 copper scales on the dragon, each one is hand crafted and enamelled. 742 are etched with famous Welsh people. The breast panels are etched with Caratacus’s speech, Welsh poetry, the National anthem, a folk song and a lullaby. The sculpture is designed around the mines of Wales including coal, slate and gold. It also celebrates the iron industry. The dragon itself sits on a map of Wales created out of actual Welsh slate.

The final piece of this sculpture will be added very soon, and I hope it will work. It will house in the belly of the dragon a light and sound machine that will sing our male voice choir out of the chimneys on the back of the dragon.

Creating this piece has taken 22 months (40 hours a week) and has been a labour of love. I was terribly homesick when I decided to take on this project and little did I know that a 8 month sculpture would end up taking me 22 months.

I am now looking for a permanent home for this dragon in Wales. I believe it belongs there. It celebrates what we have accomplished. There is also a book to this piece which I have sent to publishers in Wales in the hope of finding someone interested in it.

Fingers crossed it gets home to where it belongs. IF you can help me please drop me a line.

This sculpture was designed and created by Julia O’Sullivan (Jules Rees) of Jupigio-Artwork.

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