A cool, small Italian company called Edo, launched its Kickstarter campaign to produce these awesome giant cardboard blocks. They are easy to put together, 100% recyclable and very sturdy, supporting up to 100 lbs.

You can get cool kits to put together little block people, animals, castles and cars, ones that you… I mean, your kids, can actually sit in. They are a great interactive toy for the whole family. It looks like kids of any age can play with them, while it takes an older age (about 10 years) to help put the blocks together, little ones can build, color and ride on the creations that they make. They are an awesome way to decorate your kid’s room and can even be used as furniture.

When looking at other block options, there aren’t many. These are high quality, sturdy blocks that are eco-friendly, so why not!

More info: playedo.com

Dinosaur out of Edo Blocks

Edo Blocks – giant blocks that are fun for everyone!