The capital of eastern European country Slovakia has became historical site. The first human charger in the world had been introduced in Bratislava.

The unique concept called Charge Room is the first of its kind. Special capsule was designed for jaded and stressed desk employees. Almost 2,500 employees can use it throughout the week to relax and to gain energy.

Eurostat statistics show that a regular European employee works in average for almost 42 hours a week, which is essentially two hours more than they should have. Desk employees have even bigger problem. They spend long hours in front of a computer which does not contribute to their overall physical well-being.

Stress is increasing as well as amount of work and Europeans are more busy as the time goes. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise often go aside in order to achieve set work goals. However, this is not sustainable for a extented amount of time. Especially when just as little is needed to get rid of stress and fully replenish needed energy.

The interior designed by a well-known Slovak psychologist Petra Soláriková is a combination of simple but very effective vizual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. Their connection is supplemented by an increased dose of proteins which are great source of healthy energy.

“I believe that even 10 minutes in the right environment has the potential to induce stress release for a person,” says Slovak psychologist Petra Soláriková.

First human charger in the world was introduced in Bratislava, Slovakia

Stressed employees can regain much needed energy

Combination of visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli was drafted by psychologist

The whole process takes just 10 minutes but is very effective

Slovak psychologist Petra Soláriková