Photographer Natalya Salama presented the first photo exhibition, in which all visitors are necessarily immersed in a hypnotic trance.

To control the event, a psychotherapist is constantly present at the exhibition.

“In this exhibition we use a trance state to show the hypnotism of Natalia Salama’s photographs not only from the outside, but also from the inside,” says the author of the idea, publicist Mikhail Lis.

“This will be a unique exhibition, because here the viewer will directly perceive photos through feelings without logical filters” – says photographer Natalya Salama.

The exhibition can be accessed only by appointment, in groups of 5 people each for one time. Gallery “At Maistra” was partially refurbished into a room of psychoanalysis. There, under the supervision of a psychotherapist, people wait their turn and are immersed in a trance. After that, the guests are escorted to the hall where the photographs are situated.

The trance state is the most productive state of the human body and is widely used in psychotherapy and meditation for a variety of problems:. Insomnia, neurosis, self-motivation, etc. The organizers believe that the new method of using hypnosis would expand the perception of photography and art in general.

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