Photographer Janek Sedlar known for his meditative forest photos had a few weeks ago terrible fire accident. His house was completely burnt out together with his equipment for photo editing. Despite this, he would like to create unique photobook with his best photos.

“A recent fire in our home damaged our entire equipment including all my facilities for photo editing and made me feel, in my own mind, that until a photo is on a paper it is like there is no photo at all. Fortunately my pictures survived but it was a near miss and my entire work was gone,” he says.

He created a fundraising campaign which is popular type of donation, where the public can support artist buy purchasing one of his photo works. This is the way how he tries collect money.

“The main goal is raising funds for publishing this exceptional photo book. Raised money will help me to cover the costs of printing, graphic editing and partly help to acquire new equipment which was lost during the fire,” he explains.

He says that photobook will be exceptional. “Simply you have this book always at hand, whenever you want to have a look at pictures which give you pleasure. You won’t have to sit at computer screen to see them but would be able to enjoy these moments whenever and wherever. There is going to be poetic narration with gentle spiritual subtext. My aim is for you to create a space for meditation and reflection through this photo book.

There is also going to be a short description attached to every photo stating where it was taken and also what this place can be used for. For example a tree which can be used to forgive yourself or someone else. You can then visit the tree in real or with a help of the photo in the book. There is going to be more interesting texts which can help on your Journey. Another purpose and possibility of how to use this book is use by an experienced therapist or counsellor in their practice. For this use I also created special series of cards which come from this book. All important messages for our personal development and spiritual growth is going to be stated on these cards. You can buy them as one of the gifts.”

Janek Sedlar’s photography is unmistakeable. It is nature in all its untamed moods, from awe-inspiring mystery to the warm embrace of familiarity. It is nature, who invites him in as a witness, sharing its secrets hidden by misty veils or present in the golden glow of glorious sunshine. Aware of the fact, that the beholder of his photography will not be able to share in the intense experience of nature’s presence, he tries to convey as much of it as he can through his images. Mindfulness of the natural moods appears in his empathic use of editing processes in which he concentrates on a visual translation of those elements which are at first absent in the plane of the image, making scents, movement, and sounds appear in hues defying the traditional concept of reality. Janek’s photographic art comes from the heart and should be seen with the heart. The genius loci will make itself freely available to those open to see it.

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