Hello, my name is Fernando García also known as bananaman. I’m a scientist working with bananas and the Panama disease. Panama disease is a disease that kills banana plants and currently causing major damages on banana plantations in different parts of the world. I’m also an enthusiastic science communicator, my specialty, of course, banana science.

In this series of bananatoos I’m going to share a bit of the fascinating history of the banana since its origin. I have had inspiration from various authors and fellow scientists. I would like to thank Dan Koeppel, the author of the book Banana: the fate of the fruit that changed the world.

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“…The Koran, in retelling the tale, implies as much, and over the centuries several Bible scholars have also reached that conclusion. And why not? The banana is lush, tropical, and sexually suggestive. It’s far more tempting, in a purely allegorical sense than an apple. (Eve, by the way, besides being chaste until that point, was a product of non-sexual reproduction. She was made from Adam’s ribs just as banana is made, not from seed, but from parts cut from grown plants)” – fragment of the book Banana, the fate of the fruit that changed the world by Dan Koeppel.