Hi my name is Coleman, and I’m an artist who works almost exclusively on computers.

I began making art at a very early age, but found it difficult to use traditional art supplies at the size or level I wanted. After experimenting with various traditional media in art classes, I began exploring computers as a means for creating art. I found working digitally to be a very viable medium to express my creativity. By age 17, I found myself creating art almost exclusively on computers as I had discovered working digitaly to be a more fluid way to express myself.

While every piece I create bears a different meaning, they all revolve around my individual spiritual beliefs. I aim to visualize the ephemeral cosmic energy manifested throughout our lives, and how said energy is endlessly recycled, not uniquely belonging to us as individuals. I don’t believe we own or are unique to our energy, we are just borrowing it while we physically exist. Essentially representing both rebirth and immortality in the same concept.

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